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Better Timesheet Management

simPRO Mobile’s Timesheet module is your solution to increasing schedule accuracy and saving valuable time.

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Record time blocks with greater ease, autonomy and flexibility
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Use on-the-go or retrospectively
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Split time between cost centres using percentages
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Simple-to-use layout and design
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Quickly duplicate time blocks for employees, contractors and plant equipment
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Easily manipulate start/stop times and notes once entered

Turn your field staff into time-savvy engineers

The simPRO Mobile Timesheet module for simPRO Enterprise users offers new and innovative scheduling functionality to help businesses make the most of their time in the field.

Engineers using simPRO Mobile in both service and project environments can now document and edit time blocks with greater ease, autonomy and flexibility - which ultimately allows for key improvements in business efficiency.

With a simple-to-use layout and design, the Timesheet module allows its user to create time blocks for individual or multiple cost centres. Once this is done, time spent on jobs (be they project or service-related) can then be split by percentage between selected cost centres using the new ‘easy slider’.

This module also allows for work notes to be recorded for cost centres, as well as start and stop times - these can still be manipulated and altered once entered. In addition to this, attachments, like images from device galleries, can be added to jobs and quotes.

The Timesheet module also has schedule viewing for a particular day or even an entire week. Plus, thanks to its ability to be used on-the-go, or retrospectively, time blocks that are unaccounted for can easily be allocated to a job, quote or activity and any conflicts can be identified and rectified.

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Efficiently organise time while you’re on the tools or when you’re back at the office

The Timesheet module has both on-the-go and retrospective functionality - meaning that technicians can update their time spent on jobs whenever best suits them; be that while they’re out in the field, or later in the day when they’re back at the office.

Users can view up to three calendar weeks of assigned or scheduled jobs and quotes even when offline, as well as any pending and progress jobs from the most recent online refresh, making schedule review and editing a fast and easy to complete workflow.

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The solution to save time at no extra cost

The Timesheet module is included for free, along with all other simPRO Mobile modules, with your simPRO Field Licence.

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