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GPS tracking software

Monitor and manage your fleet

Real-time GPS tracking with simTRAC

simTRAC fleet management software monitors the exact location of your fleet in real time. Real-time fleet visibility enables you to reduce costs, schedule smarter and enhance driver safety.

You can use simTRAC standalone or integrated with simPRO.

simTRAC software


Live GPS tracking

Log in from any device with an internet connection to see the location of your vehicles at any time.



Replay your vehicles’ movements through visual time-lapsed replays.


Detailed reports

Report on everything from on-site time and travel time through to vehicle speeds. Create reports to suit your specific needs, and schedule your reports to be delivered to your inbox daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.


Geofencing and alerts

Define perimeters and be notified every time one of your vehicles enters or exits those perimeters. Monitor speed in defined perimeters and be notified every time one of your vehicles exceeds the speed limit in that particular area.


Maintenance planner

Receive alerts when vehicles are due for servicing and book a service immediately with simTRAC’s built-in booking system.



Monitor your vehicles and send messages to your field employees while on the move with simTRAC.


Driver identification

Manage your drivers' details and their assigned vehicles. Driver ID tags allow you to keep a full history on the driver of each vehicle.


API integration

If simTRAC doesn’t currently integrate with your required system, the simTRAC API gives you the tools to arrange it.

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simTRAC and Garmin

By integrating simTRAC with Garmin, users can benefit from the following additional features:

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Job dispatch

Locate a site on Google Maps, find your nearest qualified engineer for the job and dispatch job details to the relevant vehicle.

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In-car messaging

Use two-way messaging to send instant messages straight to each of your vehicles and route vehicles to jobs.

In-car navigation Icon

In-car navigation

Give your drivers a commercial-grade navigation system.

These features require the simTRAC integration with Garmin.

simTRAC with simPRO

Integrating simTRAC with simPRO makes for even smarter scheduling and improved efficiency.

See the location of your entire mobile workforce in relation to scheduled or yet-to-be-scheduled jobs in one screen. Use the advanced filter to see details for only the jobs and quotes you require.

In simPRO, quickly identify and schedule the nearest engineer to a job, and send job details to their vehicle with Garmin in-car messaging.

Identify vehicles without a scheduled job and that haven’t moved for extended periods to maximise billable time.

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