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Customisation Maintenance Agreement (CMA)

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The Customisation Maintenance Agreement (CMA) is an agreement between you, the client, and simPRO Software to ensure that your simPRO customisations are in full working order by ensuring their compatibility with changes, updates and developments in the core simPRO product to ensure your continued use of the simPRO system.

The CMA is a mandatory component that will be included on every quote for customisation

The CMA is charged at 20% of the customisation project price on an annual basis, but will be paid monthly in line with your SMA. Eg. You spend £900 on a new detailed commission report for your sales staff, if you take up the CMA it will be £180 per annum but will be charged at £15 per month with your SMA.

With a CMA in place simPRO will rectify any future compatibility issues your customisation may have with new features and functions introduced into the core simPRO product when they arise.

Without a CMA, you may need to pay on an hourly rate basis to have the customisation reworked to bring it into compatibility with the latest simPRO release.

Why would I want a CMA?

One of simPRO’s greatest attributes is the fact that it is constantly evolving to become a better system due to the changes requested from simPRO users.

These user driven changes and updates to the system mean that on occasion we have major updates that allow for additional functionality to be developed into the core of simPRO that benefits everyone.

Because of these changes, there may be times that an update causes issues with the functionality of some specific customisations. This occurs because the customisation may be linked into part of the database that gets changed to allow for the new functionality to the core simPRO product. The range of effects could be little bugs through to the inability to run the customisation.

When a CMA is in place, any changes to the simPRO product that effects your customisation will mean that we will update your customisation to bring it back into line of full functionality with the new simPRO update.

All you need to do is notify us if there is an issue with the customisation after a simPRO update has run.

Any prices quoted are ex-VAT.