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Your field engineers stay connected with the office at all times through the simPRO mobile app: simPRO Connect. Field and office staff can share real-time job information, and engineers can see their schedules, including any updates, on their mobile devices instantly. No need to drop by or call the office!

Field engineers can update job times and materials, test equipment and record results on site and even invoice and take payment on the spot as soon as a job is complete.

simPRO Connect is compatible with iOS iPads and iPhones and Android mobile and tablet devices.

Connect Field Service Managment Software

App features to make your field work flow


On-site invoicing and payment

Engineers can invoice your customers before they even leave a site – and with simPRO Payments, your customers can pay by credit card on the spot.


On-site connectivity

Engineers can raise purchase orders from the field, as well as update times, materials, job details and even photos for each job in real time, for your office staff to access at any time.


Smart scheduling

With Connect’s runsheet, engineers can get a clear view of their scheduled work each day without needing to drop by or call the office.


Real-time updates

If a field engineer is scheduled to a quote, job or activity – or if their current schedule changes – they’ll receive a notification in Connect. Office staff can also send through new messages and more.


Customer management

Field engineers can easily see customer details including location, contact information and their history with your business.



Easily see when and where your field engineers update their job or travel status.


Asset testing*

Engineers can test assets in the field and share test results with the office in real time, helping you manage preventative and reactive asset management – without the paperwork.

*Asset maintenance features only available when Connect is integrated with simPRO Enterprise.

“I can move away from micromanaging people in the business and let them do what they do best, which is going to deliver really high quality installations.”

Alistair from Condamine Electric Company

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