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Feed your business

The right information for your staff and customers, every single time with the NEW Data Feed

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Automate and integrate data seamlessly from 1000s of other systems
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Extract important data from emails and documents into simPRO
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Trigger activities and actions in simPRO based on received data
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Save time and increase efficiency
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Reduce costs and mistakes from repetitive data entry
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Improve data accuracy
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Focus on high value-add services

Feed your business with the right information

Save time, money and increase efficiency with simPRO’s NEW automated and integrated Data Feed solution.

With the ability to extract business data from within simPRO via your emails, Data Feed is compatible with PDF, CSV, TXT and XLSX files and can create or reuse information from customers, suppliers, employees and more!

With simPRO’s Data Feed there is little or no need for integrations to import data from other systems and to spend time on repetitive tasks such as data entry.

Reduce costs currently spent on manual data entry and eliminate monotonous repetitive tasks by using Data Feed’s seamless automation for extracting your business data through your emails.

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Feed your business when you need it most

Data Feed is simPRO’s new integrated solution that ensures you obtain the data you need from emails, when you need it most.

We know you are busy and Data Feed is the solution to help you save time, money and increase efficiency through the ability to extract that important data.

Automatically generate leads, jobs, quotes, supplier invoices and tasks in simPRO, all at the same time and when it’s needed most. Automate your workflow and control specific business rules and automated notifications.

Whether your business receives data via email from websites, or other systems such as contractor management systems, wholesalers systems, security monitoring systems or building management systems to name a few examples, you can rely on simPRO to get the right information to you, at the right time with Data Feed. Spend your precious time on high value-add services for your customers.

simPRO Data Feed says goodbye to manual data entry and gives you seamless automated data ingested from other systems into simPRO without any custom code or developer integration.

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Feed your business with no set-up costs

With simPRO’s Data Feed, the setup is completed by simPRO with no extra set-up costs. This means you’ll only pay for the data feeds you use.

Starting from £19 per month for 3 data feeds, you can feed your business with the right information every time, through simPRO.

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