The field service sector is currently undergoing some fantastic growth, proving that it has never been a better time to be a part of an industry so integral to the functionality of a nation.

Technology in private and public spaces, work environments, and education facilities across the country are changing. Service businesses are expected to not only possess the understanding of new product performances and services, but also be able to meet customer expectations when it comes to capability and functionality.

Considering the times, and in a booming market, it should come as no surprise that a paper-based system can easily and quickly lead to blockages and delays in workflows. This can make general administrative tasks complicated and inefficient, and take valuable time away from engineer learning and the customer experience.

Job management solutions, like simPROs, are designed to optimise workflows, and minimise common administrative complications. Job quoting, scheduling, reporting, invoicing, accounting, and so much more rests readily at the fingertips of those who use this software. The idea behind it being that cloud-based data storage and task-automating technology can help businesses minimise the time and efforts required for the more mundane activities that accompany a business. This enables their staff to focus on the more commonly important parts of the job; like completing assignments, improving the customer experience and providing a reliable and valuable service.

simPRO firmly believes that the solutions can improve businesses in a very unconventional and engaging and new-age way. The technology and cloud-based software is not necessarily the solution, but rather the tools for success. We don’t want to just give you the answer, we want to give you the opportunity to bring about a better business. We provide the tools, teach you how to use them, and help you develop a keen eye for efficiency so you can lead your team to whatever heights you desire.

Meet Precise Installs (Strathclyde) Limited, plumbing and heating engineers in Blantyre, Scotland. They pride themselves on maintaining high standards and exceeding their client’s expectation, and software has been a vital part of helping them achieve this.

Scott Murphy, Director at Precise Installs, has been closely involved with the implementation of simPRO and the efficiencies they have been able to achieve. Before simPRO they relied on paper-based systems and had very little visibility of what was going on in the business. For Scott, it was important that they had a solution that supported them with quoting so they could win new business, helped them better-manage their stock, and more importantly, reduced the amount of paperwork!

When discussing how simPRO’s job management software has impacted his business, Scott said simPRO has helped Precise Installs to gain better visibility of the business. “It has enabled us to build a strong platform for growth and look at building the business,” he said. “We are able to win and service bigger commercial contracts and manage our contractors.”

Scott is one of the many 100,000+ simPRO global users that have implemented our solutions to bring about better business.