What to do when all your projects hit pause

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Dropping in to see these Journey goers, you never know what news awaits.

Matt Harriden for instance has changed his business name (more on that in an upcoming update), Adam Bell was last seen getting back on the tools, now Boz from BLUi Security has evolved his own model of service delivery brought about by necessity after a string of unexpected events.

Security As A Service

Earlier in the year Boz was preparing for some big projects planned to go ahead. Quotes were accepted and the resources had been scheduled. Through some bizarre twist of fate each project, one by one, was postponed. What to do?!

After consultation with the board (his wife), a plan was put in place to weather the downturn.

“We turned to service work for a more consistent income.” Boz

In fact they took it one step further. The SaaS (Software As A Service) model is nothing new nowadays, we’re used to paying for software such as simPRO or Xero on a monthly subscription basis for ongoing improvements, updates and professional services.

Well BLUi are offering Security As A Service. Even the hardware is available on a lease or buy-outright basis. Cloud-based surveillance wrapped in a Premium service all without the upfront costs.

A call around to the existing client base also turned up work. Legally in Australia, security assets are required to be checked and serviced regularly.

Partner of choice

BLUi pride themselves on offering the highest level of service to their clients. Recently recognised by Honeywell as a partner of choice, Boz was invited to Thailand to participate with fellow partners in a conference of like minded peers.

Managing projects with simPRO

Not all projects have stalled. Recently on the Gold Coast a potentially congested highway of quotes and submissions via more than twenty body corporate entities, was navigated successfully with the help of simPRO. Not to mention another where twenty six sites with up to thirty staff at each site required coordinating swipe card access for each staff member and cameras and alarms for each facility.

It always pays to stay one step ahead, be ready to adapt, change and keep moving with the times.