What part does simPRO play in parts management?

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For most trade businesses there’s normally one recurring issue, an issue that can no longer be ignored, that prompts the leap from paper & spreadsheets to business management software. It’s usually either financial, operational or procedural.

For King & Martin, the issue of missing parts needed to be addressed as a matter of urgency. Losing parts meant losing money, however once they saw that simPRO could assign parts directly to a job and that price files from suppliers would be accurate and up to date - the clouds began to part.

Every part accounted for

As a business grows so too does the volume of jobs being processed. More jobs means more parts being ordered. But, when a part is dropped off at the office, how do you know what job that part is allocated to?

Then what about the price for those parts? How do you know they’re accurate according to the latest price list? This is where a proper business management tool such as simPRO sets itself apart from a smaller, simple job management system.

simPRO helps you to manage parts accurately and profitably.

King & Martin Electrical

King & Martin Electrical are an industrial electrical maintenance business. Originally Russell and Gail started out in the usual hands-on husband and wife fashion with Russell on the road working ridiculous hours and Gail at home, invoicing.

In fact Gail learnt MYOB so well she began a side business of doing bookkeeping for other similar businesses while her own company was getting off the ground.

In 2004, Russell & Gail decided to share the workload in the form of a partnership with Grant Martin and became King & Martin Electrical. The partnership now boasts 45 staff across 3 businesses, backed by 6 staff in the office.

Old Scheduling woes

Initially, King & Martin Electrical got by using MYOB for invoicing and spreadsheets and paper notepads for managing jobs.

With a dozen staff on the road covering a 24/7 split of shift work - scheduling quickly became a nightmare.

“Before we knew it we had 10 plus people, with 24/7 coverage and we had no idea who was where and what was where.” Gail King, King & Martin Electrical

Parts were an even bigger issue

The increase in the volume of work being executed meant that parts kept rolling in the door, and the team at the office had no idea which job to allocate the cost to.

“The Parts from our suppliers kept rolling in and I had no idea what job those parts were for.” Gail

simPRO pays its own way

Once King & Martin decided to go ahead with simPRO in 2013, it soon became apparent that their missing parts issue was on a path to resolution. In fact, the software paid for itself in the first 12 months.

“Within 12 months the money we spent on simPRO was back in the bank.” Russell King, King & Martin Electrical

Now, instead of losing money on parts, they’re actually making money because all parts ordered are charged out, with a margin, to the right job.

“The value is hundreds of thousands since we started in 2013.” Gail

“You know to the dollar what that job’s going to cost you and what you can charge that job at and make a profit.” Russell

Releasing the pressure

Over the course of the interview, the relief simPRO has brought to the team became obvious.

“Being on the beach at Mexico and invoicing was hard, but we managed.” Gail

With no more worries about correct parts being captured, whether suppliers are overcharging or where staff are and what job they’re on, Gail and Russell can holiday.

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