Using simPRO to grow two businesses

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In the early days

Stimson Plumbing are a family owned business based in Dalby, QLD. They've been around for years, becoming Stimson Plumbing as it's known today back in 2003. They service the entire Surat Basin, currently with a team of ten.

When Jody and Damian Stimson joined their father Greg, just like most other trade businesses not too long ago, all the company work and data was being managed with paper.

“Back then the data was being entered into the computer afterward, I very quickly changed that round.” Jody

simPRO was brought in to help manage the number of jobs the team were trying to handle, but they didn’t want to upturn everything at once. The fact that they were able to use the software as the central point of management while still being able to use paper where required was a major bonus.

Nowadays historial data is so much easier to retrieve.

Not to mention Connect. With the techs now delivering accurate job information straight into the system, it speeds things up and cuts out loads of double entry.

Room to grow another business

Here’s the best part, especially for Damian. Now he gets to do what he’d prefer be doing, and it’s not plumbing.

simPRO Enterprise’s Multi-Company ability has allowed the business to expand outside plumbing. Detailed Earthmoving Queensland is a new business driven primarly by Damian.

Rather then trying to coordinate with another company to get the trenches dug, they’re doing it themselves. Two and a half years ago DEQ was separated out from the plumbing business to become its own entity. In Enterprise, the Multi-Company allows them to manage the two companies in one system.

Over the years DEQ has grown their arsenal of machinery including excavators, skid steers, tip trucks and more.

The list of technology they rely on each day is just as impressive with dual screens, smart phones, tablets, simPRO Connect and simPRO Enterprise.

Damian's attitude to the technology?

“Embrace it. It'll be a pain in the butt for the first few months, after that there's no comparison.” Damian

The future

In the future a business manager may be brought in to manage operations, possibly to take over scheduling but for the moment, the Stimsons are happy with how the businesses are running. They know that if they decide to expand, simPRO is more than capable of growing with them.

Jody's attitude to business is simple.

“You get out of it what you put in.” Jody

Learn the full story in the following video where a simple pragmatic approach reaps rewards.