How to tightly control costs while managing this many contractors

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With 20 staff and no less than 250 contractors performing various construction jobs in the field, Edge Industries uses simPRO to effectively manage costs and keep their huge workforce on track.

Managing costs, and a huge workforce

Not all construction companies are suited to working with simPRO. Edge Industries however, manages a lot of labour, and that’s where simPRO excels.

For Edge Industries Director, Dave Kelleher, the cost reporting facility in simPRO gives Edge’s management a clear and up-to-date understanding of the profit being made on each job in real-time. Margins can be adjusted accordingly so every job remains in the black.

Everyone on the same page

Operations Manager, Brenda says that the integrity of each job is accurate because everyone, from the contractors and technicians in the field to the staff in the office, are all working from the same data.

For Dave, he can ensure that margins are kept where they need to be, so that the business can remain both competitive, and profitable.

Scheduling on the fly

Brenda says their calendar is never stagnant. The company relies heavily on simPRO’s scheduling engine.

As information comes to hand for each job, admin staff are able to keep the calendar up to date and arrange resources as required. This lets the field technicians know exactly where to be, when to be there and what needs to be done for each job.

Why is simPRO a fit for this construction company?

It’s simple. Dave explains that they use the same process as any tradie: from a Quote to a Pending Job, to a Job, an Invoice then on to the Archived stage.

“The training was awesome.” Brenda Lanauze. Operations Manager, Edge Industries

Safety in the field

From a safety perspective, simPRO Connect enables the guys in the field to check in and out of each job throughout the day. To know how their day is tracking is invaluable particularly when the client is making enquiries.

“Having the guys checking in and checking out of jobs, from a safety perspective  is awesome.” Brenda

Clarity from the reports

Dave sits down at the end of the week or month and can easily see what jobs have been completed, the status of current jobs and the profits being made.

“It's a really good tracking device for me as a business owner to understand how the business is tracking.” Dave Kelleher. Director, Edge Industries.

Dave’s Journey destination

Dave’s  goal is for the business to run itself so he and Brenda can spend more time doing what they’d like to do, rather than what’s required for the business.  It’s a common goal, one that many have achieved, and many more will with simPRO.

We’ll be sure to to return to see how much closer Brenda and Dave are to reaching their goal of having their business run more independently.

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