Those turbulent 3 months

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Pictured above: Jody Monaghan in her EH Holden

This time last year the Surat Basin was alive with hustle and work with the big gas pipelines.

Now the installations are complete, that work is no longer. Stimson Plumbing had a very quiet period at the end of 2015.

The team got together to figure out a win/win for the staff. With some consultation and understanding, the field staff wound back to 3 days a week and some took holidays.

Scheduling – once a full time role – was no longer required. That’s how quiet things became. These can be scary times for any business, but luckily Stimson Plumbing were able to pull together and find a solution.

How they weathered the storm

The Accounts Payable position also wound down, which prompted General Manager Jody Monaghan to look to outsourcing their accounting requirements. That’s where simPRO add-on partner Streamline Group Services came in.

Through transparent consultation with their staff and a little restructuring, the Stimson team were able to weather the storm until things picked up. Which they did – eight weeks ago the work started rolling in once again.

Luckily, too, when the gas pipelines were going in they chose to stick with the maintenance work rather than the big installations. This decision is paying off; now that the infrastructure has been in for over a year, that maintenance work is also beginning to roll in.

Leaving the worries behind

As always, we like to know what people get up to when they're not on the tools or in the office.

Jody and her husband are fans of the old holden. So weekends are often spent cruising in their pride and joy(s). They own 2 EH’s and a HG station wagon.