The right mobility solutions are critical for those in the field service industry with ease of use, accessibility, and security being some of the most important must-haves.

While job management software undoubtedly improves the coordination of a field service company, it’s critical that business owners understand their own needs before jumping in and making a big investment.

Here are a few of the tech basics you should consider for your mobile workforce.


Before you start comparing software and systems, you first need to have a fundamental understanding of what the software does, what kind of businesses use it, and how it will help your company.

Field service management software can vary greatly depending on industry and user intent, ranging from basic applications for order scheduling to all-inclusive suites for enterprises. You should consider selecting software vendors that have a strong reputation in your field, offer scalable solutions, and provide suitable security for client information. It’s important that the software and hardware you choose can grow with your team and your company.

As a business owner, you must know what you want to get out of the software and then start looking at who can provide it for you. Doing your research will help you choose a solution that offers the most value and longevity for your business.


Finding the right device for your team is an important element when considering field mobility. You also must consider the operating system, apps, software compatibility, and overall cost.

Before you jump in and purchase a whole batch of new devices, you should first talk with your team. Find out what, if any, concerns they may have and discuss the requirements they would need in the field.

Once you know what you and your team require, narrow down the list and test a few different devices in the field. We recommend trialling both the software and the hardware before making any final decisions.


An essential part of implementing any new software and hardware systems is training.

With a mobile workforce, your employees must have a solid understanding of the systems.

When choosing software and devices, it’s important to research the level of training provided by the vendors. Some vendors offer online training, in-person training or both. So, when considering packages, make sure you decide on the most appropriate level of training you and your employees require.

As customers grow savvier and more selective about the services they pay for, field service businesses will need to become increasingly competitive to keep up. Your business’s ability to deliver fast, efficient solutions through your mobile workforce may end up being the difference between beating or losing out to your competitors.

Field service management software is no longer something that just big businesses use, it’s becoming a necessary tool to provide the best possible service and to grow your company.