What it takes to support an international network of trade businesses

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Steve Keil is the driving force behind the Laser network which supports more than 240 plumbing and electrical contracting businesses across Australia and New Zealand.

After several years of building, training and maintaining their own software, Laser turned to simPRO for a solution to support their growing community.

Laser and the benefits of a network

The Laser network is made up of independently owned electrical and plumbing businesses that come together under the Laser brand.

Laser offers members business coaching, software support and training. As a non-competing network, members can collaborate rather than compete – and that’s just the beginning.

Need staff? Here, have mine.

Say for instance you’ve just finished a large job and found yourself with extra staff. Another Laser member in the area is about to start a project or is having trouble finding well-trained, quality staff. Because you're both Laser members, you're able to negotiate a rate with each other and your pre-trained, uniformed staff who know the systems and the software are ready to get to work for them.

That’s an enormous advantage that greatly reduces the expense of hiring and firing based on workload.

“It means our members are not hiring and firing based on the ebbs and flows of work.” Steve Keil, Managing Director, Laser Systems Ltd

Build your own software vs simPRO

Discussions between Laser and simPRO began back in 2006. At that time, Laser had already invested a considerable sum developing their own software.

Fast forward to 2012, and Laser needed to decide if they were going to continue with their software development arm of the business or focus on their core offering – helping their members achieve greatness. They chose the latter.

After an exhaustive review of several products around the world, Laser chose simPRO as their product of choice to support their network. Some customisations were required.

“There was no doubt that simPRO stood head and shoulders above the other products out there for what our needs were.”

LaserPro Enterprise

Given the size of their network and tiered business model, Laser had some very specific requirements for how they needed the software to work with them. Based on the already substantial simPRO Enterprise, simPRO and Laser worked together to produce a specific solution to satisfy the requirements of the Laser network, and LaserPro Enterprise was born.

Every Laser member has the power of LaserPro Enterprise at their fingertips. There are 640 Office licences and 1350 Field licences currently active.

In the following interview, Steve shares the Laser story and describes how simPRO has helped hundreds of plumbing and electrical businesses to grow.