Systemising the business for growth

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Dan started his electrical business, D&B Electrical Services 5 years ago and has used simPRO to grow his business to a rate which now means he employs a full time engineer, an administrator and various subcontractors.

Moving from a purely paper based system Dan has seen the benefits of integrating simPRO into the everyday processes within his business. He can now schedule his and his team’s workload and make more profit without lengthy paper based processes.

  • He can schedule in a view that suits him and his team, including integration with Google Calendar.
  • Dan can also schedule one person or an entire team, saving his administrator’s time.
  • He can also schedule the closest of his subcontractors to the job most local to them, increasing billable hours.

Dan previously found invoicing to be a total headache, not knowing which invoices had been chased, who had paid or what was owed. With simPRO, Dan’s accountant now has visibility on his finances and things are much more under control allowing him to take on bigger projects.

“With systems in place, we can approach larger customers.” Dan Ogden

  • Invoicing is hassle free, for Dan it’s as easy as completing a job, confirming the materials and labour he’s invoicing and clicking ‘Send’.
  • He can invoice for larger projects as he can choose which costs to invoice for and whether the invoices display costs for the entire project or just the costs that are relevant right now.
  • He can see all the balances owed and send invoice reminders or overdue letters, and see the bigger picture with an aged receivables report.

Dan now has fewer queries about jobs from his field based engineers about the job in hand. All the details are at their fingertips with the Connect app. Information such as alarm key codes, job details, materials, customer contact details and more are readily available at a tap of a screen.

  • His engineers can invoice customers before they even leave the site and even pay by card on the spot with Square Payments.
  • If the schedule has to change at the last minute, Connect updates in real time meaning no crossed wires.
  • Geo-stamping also allows Dan to see where his field engineers are and update their job or travel status.

The flexibility of simPRO has meant that Dan’s been able to take a total of 5 holidays in a year!

“Worst case scenario I pull my iPad out of my bag and login to simPRO wherever I am.” Dan Ogden

Watch Dan’s Journey here.