The sky’s the limit for this efficiency driver

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The Journey is as much about the people as it is about their businesses. The business leaders we follow may be owners, general managers or even solo consultants.

Alistair Green is a leader who took one company to great heights; now it’s time for his next big challenge.

Alistair initially consulted to Condamine Electric Company in 2010, then later joined the team as General Manager. His eye for detail and a drive to build an efficient system is what led to the implementation of simPRO in 2011, and Alistair was central to its success.

The efficiency specialist

In his time at Condamine, Alistair steered the team through turbulent waters as the demand for specialist industrial work ebbed and flowed. Together, Alistair and the company made for a great team. Together they delivered excellent results for business owner Gavin, infrastructure for the staff, and efficiencies for the business as a whole. Together, Alistair and the team shared 6.5 valuable years together.

It was toward the end of last year that Alistair recognised he was ready for another challenge. Condamine Electrical are happy riding the wave of their success as leaders and specialists in their field, but Alistair has only just begun.

Giving back

In November this year Alistair moved on from Condamine Electric and returned to his consulting work. The new opportunity enables him to build on the strengths he's developed and experience he’s gained with Condamine Electric, pursuing his passion in helping businesses be more efficient.

Alistair also volunteers on the board of Waminda Services. As he builds his client base he’s able to give more time to the charity, so they too can benefit from his knowledge.

Completing the final year of an MBA is another target set in his sights, which will serve as the icing on his consultancy cake.

We wish both Alistair and Condamine Electrical all the very best for 2017 and look forward to sharing further updates from them.