simPRO is providing leading edge technology for our partners FOGCheck and Three Nations who are delivering a truly innovative solution to a national problem - the buildup of Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) in sewer pipes that has led to the formation of ‘fatbergs’ and the increasing frequency of blockages and flooding costing tens of millions of pounds per year.

FOGCheck is a Fully Managed Service to eradicate Fatbergs and FOG; it is a new standard of Service that presents as a real game changer for FOG Management in hospitality Food Service Establishments, Food Service businesses and Property Management.

FOGCheck combines a number of technologies to drive the service:

Natural Technology (StopBlox) - Stopblox is a new biological treatment for the removal and prevention of build-up and blockages caused by fat, oil and grease in commercial kitchens, drains and sewers. Stopblox is uniquely effective, made from naturally-occurring bacteria that actually digest fat, oil and grease. The Stopblox bio-treatment is delivered via FOGCheck.

Engineered Technology (Three Nations Technical Services) - Fit For Purpose Grease Management Equipment mounted in secured enclosures with integrated and automated dosing of StopBlox.

Cloud-based communications and Software Technology (simPRO and simPRO IoT Module) - For Intelligent System Monitoring, optimising of dosage dynamically linked to automated waste water sampling and management of Equipment Assets.

Service Levels (Three Nations FM Services) - For a total FOG Management solution and Assured Compliance.

These unique services and technologies have come together to produce the only self-managing solution on the market that is proven to work and does not rely on the site/ facility manager to ensure continued compliance.

Three Nations are National Hospitality Technical Services Specialists, providing Facilities Management to a wide range of clients across the UK.

“As a company, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation in our specialist sector. We partner with other visionaries who can bring with them complementary skills, knowledge and system infrastructure to help us achieve our aims of lowering the cost of contract management and constantly striving to find new sources of value for our customers. Three Nations are pleased to be working with simPRO for the FOG Check Project, where Three Nations provide the technical services including stainless steel fabrication, installation, servicing and ongoing management of the speciality units. simPRO’s IoT solution was a fundamental offering allowing the creation of an asset register for the FOGCheck System and the ability to easily associate the live telemetry coming through the dosing sensors. This provides us a real time view of compliance for the solution which is monitored on each individual unit and site. Any asset failures can be easily flagged for investigation and servicing can be planned and tracked. Without this technology a managed service, with real time visibility, such as FOGCheck, would simply not be possible.” Three Nations FOGCheck Team

To find out more about our IoT solution visit our dedicated IoT page or contact us on 0800 622 6376.