simPRO IoT has been rolled out to corporations who have shown an interest in employing top-tier asset and facility management technologies. Swissport and Thermacell are two interwoven companies who expressed an interest in simPRO IoT.

Swissport owns and operates over 39 award winning airport lounge facilities globally, each offering a quiet oasis away from the hustle and bustle of a typical airport terminal. Thermacell is a specialist facilities management provider that delivers a comprehensive range of products, labour and maintenance to Swissport including reactive and pre-planned M&E, HVAC and Building Services.

Currently, Thermacell is using simPRO's IoT solution to deliver their cutting-edge facilities management services to the Swissport ‘Aspire’ lounge in Luton, with a planned roll-out to other lounges later in the year. By using simPRO’s low cost plug and play sensor networks that are fully integrated into simPROs software platform, Thermacell is able to monitor lounge conditions and the performance of individual assets in near real time and automatically trigger alerts in response to any anomalies that appear in systems.

This intuitive, digital brain that simPRO IoT provides means that Thermacell can identify and diagnose a variety of issues prior to complete failure without the need for time-consuming, chargeable site visits that are often constrained by airport security measures.

Alan Chandler, Thermacell’s Service Manager, has been amazed with the change that simPRO IoT has presented to the business:

“[This]...solution allows us to get closer to the Swissport Lounge and provide a more responsive, customer focused offering based on the accurate live data we receive on both asset and facility performance. The simplicity of the solution allows our own engineers to install on customer sites with ease and without the need for IT specialists, thereby slotting seamlessly into our own day to day services.”

Mike Barton, Swissport’s UK Lounges General Manager, echoes Alan’s sentiment when queried on the quality of service that Thermacell is now able to provide thanks to simPRO IoT:

“Swissport Aspire Lounges rely on the facility operating at peak performance to maintain the strict standards of service we demand from our operation. Any failure or downtime of key assets such as chillers or HVAC can impact the ability of a lounge to meet customer expectations. Thermacell’s use of technology enhanced FM services gives us even more assurance that the facility is performing as needed and problems can be identified before they become major issues.”

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