Rough seas make skilful sailors

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Synergy Fire and Security are an electronics Fire & Security company founded in 2008 by Steve Trassari and Gerard Ashelford. We interviewed the 2 directors along with Business Manager Emma Higgins, who has been with the company since the beginning, playing an active role in integrating simPRO into the business.

Originally, Steve and Gerard worked together as apprentices way back in 1992. Though their careers that followed took them in separate directions, the pair remained friends.

Early in 2008 the pair turned discussions of going into business together into a reality. They’d identified a need in the market for a higher standard of work, and accordingly their business model would come to be based on an attention to detail in an industry where compliance and safety are paramount.

Rough seas make skilful sailors

The business had only been in operation for several months when an unprecedented challenge came from nowhere: the Global Financial Crisis.

While this issue crippled businesses around the world, Gerard actually attributes the GFC to their financial diligence today. If you can start a business and succeed during such challenging times, it’s likely your business model will be stronger for it.

With steady growth soon underway and an unwavering dedication to quality, word began to spread. As a result, their client base remained stable with a loyal list of customers and a steady stream of recommendations.

Outgrowing spreadsheets

Spreadsheets work fine when there are fewer staff but once two, three or more people are editing a spreadsheet at one time, it becomes unmanageable.

Emma Higgins, Synergy’s Business Manager, has been with the company since the beginning and has played an integral role in implementing simPRO into the business.

Emma says:

“There’s no way we could run a business the size we have now on spreadsheets.” Emma Higgins, Business Manager - Synergy Fire & Security

Now with simPRO, as many people as required can access the one central system for information regarding any client, any site and any asset.

Now with simPRO Connect

Using simPRO Connect in the field, once the job is complete the information is recorded in real time, and is quickly ready for invoicing or pushed onto the next phase.

It’s a far cry from the old paper-based system where field technicians would drop into the office to pick up job info, parts and paperwork and the office wouldn’t see them again for another week.

“We now know where all our cars are and all our techs.” Steve Trassari, Director - Synergy Fire & Security

Improved customer service with simPRO Connect

Increasingly clients are requesting detailed data, particularly in regards to where and when Synergy staff are on site and how long they spend there. Together with simTRAC, simPRO Connect provides a complete path of proof as to when staff arrive and when they leave the site.

In fact this clarity that simPRO provides is being used in the tender process which is something Emma says “clients get pretty excited about” .

For each annual client meeting, notes from phone calls in the office and from field staff about every asset and every site are available for discussion. Pass and Fail, notes and results are all recorded on the job so if a client has a query, any staff member in the office can answer accurately.

It’s the type of customer service Synergy are looking to achieve, and they can, with simPRO.

“One of our compliance requirements is that we report a critical fire defect within 24hrs, but we can do it instantly.” Emma

Compliance audits

Synergy Fire & Security have recently achieved their ISO certification.

These guys have truly embraced the software, and as a result have found that most compliance requirements including WH&S, ladder audits, and just about every requirement is met, with simPRO.

“I’ve got so used to it I’ve forgotten how good it is.” Emma

As the Business Manager in charge of finances Emma says that simPRO has been a big investment, however, that investment has enabled the company to grow 10 times the size it was before.

For Director Steve, the biggest advantage is no longer having piles of paper…

“You’ve got a neat little book, about your whole business.” Steve

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