Phill’s team are united with the business, and the community (Part 2 of 2)

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This is the second post in a two-part series following Laser Plumbing Vermont. In this interview we hear how Phil Craig has established a strong team culture which has prepared the company for a prosperous forecast.

A strong culture engages staff

Phil has successfully built a strong team culture by proving a genuine interest in the progression of the individuals within his team.

How exactly has he done it? The process began by casting a clear vision for the team, then solidifying a list of core values everyone believes in.

Next, personal goals are aligned with business goals so the team is working as one. All employees are also consulted regarding their desired career path which is also fostered and developed within the business.

Developing a culture of giving something back

Laser Plumbing Vermont not only reach out to the staff, they’re connecting with the community as well.

All staff donate a portion of their pay every week to a youth organisation called Bridge Builders, a National, not-for-profit youth organisation, delivering youth services around Australia.

One staff member suggested they could do a backyard blitz for a local family who were having a tough time looking after their disabled children. By teaming up with a local landscaping company the blitz was a success. A major renovation was completed including a playground for the kids.

Using technology to keep invoices rolling

By using integrations such as Xero, eForms, Groundplan and Autoflow the business is able to continue to drive efficiencies which keeps the invoicing process flowing.

“We like to get information back into the system as quickly as possible so we can get invoices out.” Phill Craig, Laser Plumbing Vermont

Clear vision ahead

Phil has a clear and prosperous vision for the future of the company including the addition of an electrical department.

“Our business will double a number of times in the next few years. That’s the plan.”

With the systems locked into place and plans to further streamline processes into the future, the business plan is to continue to grow stronger. The automated systems also allows Phil to step into the role he’s best suited to: being a business owner, setting the sights and strategies that will ensure the business continues to thrive.

“I’ve never been more excited about our business than I am right now.”

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