Paul enjoyed the Journey so much he joined the company

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Paul Christie joins simPRO

Original Journey-goer, Paul Christie dropped in this afternoon to take care of some business. He's been doing that bit lately since, well, he's part of the team now! Literally.

Notice his new shirt? Paul has joined simPRO team US. Paul knows first hand what a difference simPRO and an open mind has made to his life which should help him to get the message across to our counterparts in the U.S.

What about his electrical business? It's humming along nicely and with simPRO in his pocket he can keep a close eye on things from anywhere.

Paul is a big fan of RV's (that's what they call enormous American-sized camper's over there). So much so he owns two of them now. One for Australia, one for the US.

Paul's RV
Paul's RV