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Breaking free from the office

Brad Halcrow   9 December, 2014

Meet Dan. Dan started his electrical business D&B Electrical Services five years ago from his own home and gradually grew the business to include a full-time technician, an administration person, and various sub-contractors when needed.

Away from the office and into triathlons

Brad Halcrow   9 November, 2014

Remember Adam Bell?

The first milestone in Adam's journey was being able to leave the office for a fishing trip and know that everything was taken care of back in the office. If something had been missed, he knew he could track what happened.

BLUi primed for growth

Brad Halcrow   4 November, 2014

It was two years ago when Boz sat down with his wife and mapped out their dreams. They soon realised that if their two girls were to attend a nice school, if they were to own a house, two cars and travel annually the business needed to grow.

Adam Bell. Life away from the office

Brad Halcrow   14 August, 2014

Meet Adam Bell. Adam bought his plumbing business from his father. He’s seen both the benefit of hard work and the drawback of the old way of doing things.

Meet Paul Christie

Brad Halcrow   12 August, 2014

Meet Paul Christie, owner of Casalite Electrics. Paul is a prime example of an astute business owner always open to new ideas. Through simple processes and the introduction of new technologies, he's developed both a successful business model and a flexible lifestyle.

Matt’s journey has just begun

Brad Halcrow   12 August, 2014

Matt’s journey has just begun. Staff are trained, Enterprise is embedded in the business, the systems are in place. Next? Grow the business, nationwide.