The mobile print market is growing and this is opening up an array of opportunities for our partners.

The mobile print category is expected to increase 5.4% between 2016 and 2021* as businesses across a range of sectors seek to work more efficiently and improve productivity levels.

Some of the biggest users of mobile print devices are field workers with a need to print remotely while out on the job. Research we conducted last year** revealed that more than half of firms plan to grow their field-based workforce and a fifth believe mobile printers improve the service they offer. This demonstrates the potential for growth in the sector and the wealth of new opportunities for vendors and partners.

One of the most tangible benefits of mobile print solutions is their impact on operational efficiency. 20 percent of IT professionals say that mobile printers can save each field worker two hours every week, the equivalent of roughly 13 working days per employee per year***. In a business climate where margins are being squeezed and customer expectations around the speed of service increase all the time, it’s easy to see how mobile printers can have a real impact on the operational and financial success of organisations.

In retail, which has been a key sector for mobile print for some time, the solutions remain incredibly important, particularly for mobile point of sale such as queue busting, shelf-edge labelling and best before labels in food retail, for example.

At Brother, we have also identified opportunities in the catering and food safety industry for mobile print, with estimations suggesting that 24%**** of food labelling isn’t done using label printers in commercial kitchens. Mobile print could be the optimum solution to speed up this process, erase the likelihood of human error and ensure labels are clear, professional and in line with food hygiene standards

Despite these trends, many small businesses see security as one of their biggest challenges for growing mobile workforces. It’s essential that we’re addressing these concerns from the outset, by selling solutions which have the right security credentials and ensuring customers understand the features on offer. Brother mobile printers, for example, have WEP, WPA-PSK, LEAP (CKIP) and WPA2-PSK (AES) built-in as standard, ensuring maximum security for users

*by form factor, UK 2017 VDC Research Group, Inc.

**Incisive Media surveyed 120 IT professionals on behalf of Brother UK in October 2017. IT professionals worked for companies across the UK that had sizeable mobile workforces.

***Calculated based on an 8-hour average working day

****Brother Europe research, L&M: Food Vertical Market Research May 2018