Matt’s journey has just begun

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Matt’s journey has just begun. Staff are trained, Enterprise is embedded in the business, the systems are in place. Next? Grow the business, nationwide.

Systemised processes were high on the agenda when the idea to start Aussie Plumbers was conceived. They want to expand across the country by building a reputation on superior customer service.

In order to grow this service based plumbing business Matt wanted to implement systemised processes that would allow him to streamline every scenario, minimising labour and administration, providing a seamless customer experience for every stage of their life cycle.

He first appeared on our radar when he commented on a blog post we published regarding Paul Christie. Matt expressed how he too had goals and aspirations similar to Paul’s.

“Wow, what a great story and a real inspiration to keep looking for new ways to give you more freedom from your business.” Matt Harriden

Matt previously owned a project based plumbing business for the past ten years. Together with his business partner Cameron, the new model will focus on service based do-and-charge jobs. In order to expand at the intended rate and provide a robust and reliable system for the technicians, Matt knew that the right business management software was going to be a fundamental foundation.

He did some serious research, even travelling overseas to come home and realise simPRO Enterprise was everything he was looking for.

With his business partner now realising the benefits of cloud technology, and foundations laid, we’ll stay in touch with Matt to follow the progress of his journey.