After leaving his mark on New Zealand’s job management software sector, simPRO’s Richard Pratley is ready to take the company to another level across the globe as the new Managing Director in the United Kingdom.

Richard will take up his new position in August this year, after most recently working as General Manager of simPRO’s New Zealand operations.

He was a key contributor to simPRO’s successful entry into the New Zealand market and prior to that was a prominent figure in the business and electrical sectors, holding several management positions across a career spanning more than a decade.

His appointment was in response to the recent stepping-down of simPRO UK Managing Director Lynelle Hills, who held the position for over four years.

"Richard is an experienced manager and a clear choice to run our office in the UK," simPRO Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Sean Diljore said.

"His knowledge of the industry will ensure that our business will continue to grow in the UK and our customers will receive the support they deserve.

"Richard is also of British origin, which means his business knowledge and industry experience will be coupled with a deep understanding of the culture and what the UK truly needs in terms of job management software," he said.

Sean thanked Lynelle for her role in helping establish the simPRO brand in the UK.

"Lynelle has been with us for more than 10 years and has helped simPRO grow into what it is today. She has applied her leadership skills and industry knowledge across several countries and thanks to her efforts we have grown from a small seven-man unit into a global machine with more than 200 employees.

"We are certainly sad to see her go, but we are equally excited for what the future holds in the UK under Richard’s leadership" he said.

As of August Richard will contribute his expertise to simPRO’s latest job management software advancements, including the latest IoT solution which launched in London in June.