Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity

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The title of this story is borrowed from an ancient Stoic philosopher named Seneca.

It reminds me of many stories I hear from owners and operators in the trade industry. There’s often a stoic attitude required to ride the roller coaster that is being in business and seeing opportunity where others may see an obstacle.

How Stimson Plumbing are rolling with changes

A few years ago we wrote about Damian Stimson and his new Earth Moving business. Damian was able to remain hands on with the family plumbing business while slowly building his other passion, Detailed Earthmoving Queensland.

A recent health incident meant that Damian could no longer drive heavy machinery. DEQ was Damians passion. Now, with that option taken out of the equation, along with fellow manager and sister Jody, it was time to look at new opportunities.

Time to branch out

It was Captain Jack Sparrow who said:

“The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude to the problem.”

The guys at Stimson Plumbing have a way of adapting to the landscape so winding down the Earth Moving business gave them a moment to look at new avenues for business in their industry. That opportunity came in the form of expansion.

Stimson Plumbing have now become Stimson Plumbing and Building Maintenance.

Previously, plumbing was Stimson’s sole venture, however with the expansion, cabinetry & joinery made its way onto the table; enabling the business to move into kitchen installation, renovations and general building maintenance works for larger corporations and real estate agents.

The simPRO Maintenance Planner was also added to the company's existing simPRO Enterprise licence so both the office and the field staff could more effectively manage client property assets.

Changing of the guard, after 50 years!

So there’s no shortage of changes afoot at Stimson Plumbing & Building Maintenance. Another milestone to grace the office is father Greg’s official retirement.

Founder of the business, and father of Damian and Jody, Greg Stimson has decided to make it official and hang up his boots. Well, as much as any founding father does.

Greg will likely be found tinkering away in the shed in the background somewhere but he’s now free to help his other daughter build a new house and hit the road on holidays and really begin making the most of his retirement. After 50 years in the industry, it’s well deserved.

Congratulations Greg.