Learning the power of strategy

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It was in 2016 when we last visited Dan Ogden, director of D&B Electrical. He’d just moved from the garage at home to his first office space to manage a growing list of small domestic projects.

With simPRO in place, Dan was readying the business to begin going after bigger projects.

2 years on, we’ve dropped in to see Dan again. He’s now moved into an even bigger office and is handling those much larger projects, with continued growth in his sights for 2019.

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The power of strategy

Dan has kicked his initial goals of taking on bigger projects well and truly out of the ballpark, having now completed projects for the likes of HGS London, Bristol University and Ibstock Brick.

As a business owner, Dan has seen first hand that working smarter on simPRO and not harder on the tools, can achieve a consistent and steady growth trajectory for the business.

In the new office/warehouse the D&B team has room to move and room to expand even further. With more stock and more field staff, billable hours are on the rise too!

Exceeding client expectations

The effect technology has had on the world brings with it higher expectations from clients of shorter timeframes and greater efficiencies. Dan is finding that clients expect quotes within a day and invoices to be produced much quicker.

Archival data, regarding the repair history of an asset dating back years, is expected in order to be able to smart financial decisions.

Effective asset management gives clients the detailed data they need regarding each asset to report on what should be replaced. Dan says this has given him an edge over competition because with simPRO, such data, regarding who repaired what, when and at what cost, is readily available to hand on to the client.

For D&B, having a system that provides such detailed data is an enormously competitive advantage considering the money they’re saving the client.

“Quotes within a day, Invoices quicker, information regarding jobs completed years prior, who was on site, who was signed in, who signed out etc.” Dan Ogden, D & B Electrical Contractors.

This readily available information, improves workflows and is a powerful advantage for Dan when it comes to beating out the competition.

“We’re able to give customers confidence that what they are paying for is exactly what they are getting.”

Staff are engaged with Connect

Dan wanted staff to feel like they were a part of the business and it’s process as a whole. Connect gives field staff ownership of the job by giving them the power to raise their own purchase orders and to pick stock themselves.

Working smarter means putting time into simPRO

Dan used to simply apply hard work to growing a business by doing long hours on the tools. This approach tends to leave office work behind which means invoices are going out later and cash flow suffers.

“My approach to growing business used to be getting on the tools and worker extremely hard.”

As a business owner focused on expanding his business, Dan has come to realise the value of working smarter, not harder. He can now organise operational commitments and financial expectations well in advance by getting off the tools and focusing on simPRO. Focusing on simPRO, means focusing on business operations rather than simply ‘getting the work done’.

“Compare that to clocking off at normal time - it is what it is.”

There are still so many trade business owners out there invoicing well into the night and quoting without knowing exactly what he’s being charged by suppliers.

“Because we’ve got the staff, the structure, the stock and simPRO growth should be quite seamless, just an adaptation of what we’re already doing.”

Follow the evolution

It goes without saying, we at simPRO love to watch simPRO play such an integral role in the growth of our clients businesses. Whatever trade business it is, large, small, electrical, security, plumbing or HVAC, it’s a win for everyone.

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