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And so the boiler replacement experience continues…

Having reached out to a number of suppliers (10 to be exact) via a range of different channels including company websites, social media platforms and recommendations from local plumbing wholesalers (would your wholesaler recommend you?), I walked away with a total of only 3 out of 10 suppliers responding and confirming they were able to come out and quote.

In the main, it’s fully expected that an engineer’s time to come and quote should be a cost included in the overheads incurred by carrying out the job, however, do you know how much it costs your business to quote for new jobs? How do you record it? How is it listed on your invoice? By using job management software such as simPRO, overheads such as this can be easily managed in the field and the office, meaning no cost is unaccounted for.

This functionality also allows businesses to bridge the gap between the cost of quoting and how many jobs are won from these quotes. Wouldn’t it be interesting to spot any obvious leaks in your business processes by reviewing the quoted work and what gets invoiced?

Back to the boiler; of the 3 that came out, most recommended we replace the boiler and upgrade our water system. I felt it was a fair suggestion, the system is very old and does need an update. I should note here that this is a great example of upselling, something most seem to shy away from. Interestingly however, it can be made much easier when using a mobile application such as the simPRO Quote and Sales Module - a simPRO Mobile module that allows engineers to present multiple options for service, with detailed information at every level.

Something that I also felt was particularly interesting was the level of communication that each supplier maintained throughout the initial contact and later quoting process. I’ve broken it down below to make it easier to compare the differences.

Supplier 1

Said it would be a few days before they could turn around a quote - I then had to chase! Did they decide they didn’t want the work? Or did they just not have the right tools to follow up with me?

Job management software such as simPRO could help your business produce quotes in minutes (not days) and easily notify your engineers to follow up on outstanding quoted jobs.

Supplier 2

They were really honest with me and super communicative, even turning around 4 different options within 24 hours. They weren’t the cheapest but they did manage my expectations, even exceeding them by keeping in regular contact.

Supplier 3

This supplier gave me a window when their engineer would arrive to quote, between 1pm - 3pm. However, the engineer only turned up nearer to 4pm, without any communication. A quick text using a system such as simPRO SMS would’ve alerted me to the fact he’d been stuck at an emergency job. When he arrived he gave us good, professional advice, however, said the quote would be dealt with by the office and I’d have it in the next day or two. I’ve still not received anything.

I truly believe that technology can never really replace good, old-fashioned customer service. Though I really do feel that by investing in the best software, businesses may find they more regularly progress quotes to jobs and provide a more superior service.

Yesterday, I appointed a supplier to carry out the work - who do you think it was?

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