Improved scheduling has huge follow on effects

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Chris Peebles Electrical specialises in the servicing and installation of commercial food equipment. With simPRO now in place, owner Andrew Stefferts’ scheduling woes are a thing of the past. As a result, the business has gained a 25% increase in output and Andrew couldn’t be happier.

Removing the pain points

The days of the whiteboard, most trade businesses have been there: a list of staff and a list of jobs, each with colour codes to represent various job statuses.

Andrew’s system was simple but restrictive; different coloured markers would indicate whether a job was locked in or flexible. One whiteboard managing one week at a time was always bound to reach its limits. Anything that needed to be scheduled beyond a week was left to reminders and fingers crossed.

“We used to do a lot of double handling, a lot of writing and dealing with a lot of job cards. Now it’s like sending a text. You can do a job card within a minute or 2.” Andrew Steffert, Chris Peebles Electrical

The search began

The research process for Andrew and his team was simple: trial each the software packages that would be suitable for their process and see which was best suited to his industry.

“It seemed that simPRO had been in the game a lot longer than the other products we trialled.” Andrew

simPRO was initially developed by an electrician for electricians so after 15 years of development, consulting with our clients all the way, there is no better software designed to manage an entire trade business.

A new way of doing business

It never gets old: seeing trade businesses go from crazy hours and the stress of juggling paper, locating missing invoices and potentially missing payments to then watching the stress melt away as simPRO brings the whole business into one unified workflow is something simPRO staff will never get tired of.

At the end of the day, the software has paid for itself

So often we hear praise for the reporting engine in simPRO, and that’s where Andrew was able to clearly see his return on investment.

“It still amazes me how quickly I can bang out a quote.” Andrew

Using reports Andrew was able to watch as turnover began increasing and the average number of jobs per month climbed. The result has been a 25% increase in work output and little increase in staff levels.

“Our work output had increased by 25% but we hadn’t increased our staff levels. That proved to us that the efficiency gained from simPRO was huge.” Andrew

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