How the travelling man runs his electrical business from overseas

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Paul Christie, our original Journey-goer joined the simPRO sales team in the United States back in May – but that didn’t mean he had to leave his electrical business in Australia behind.

Paul’s relationship to Casalite Electrics, his electrical business on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, is different to many of our simPRO clients.

For Paul, his electrical business simply ‘provides an income’. He has little to do with the business nowadays, instead leaving it up to two key staff back in the office in Australia to continue operations.

How Paul keeps his business manageable from abroad:

  • He’s downsized the company to simplify and streamline operations
  • He keeps an eye on the figures through cloud based systems like simPRO and Xero
  • He keeps a remote eye on the figures through cloud based systems like simPRO and Xero
  • He has two key office staff accountable for daily operations
  • He undertakes a mix of both service and project work to keep a consistent cash flow

An Aussie tradie’s experience in the United States

These days, Paul’s focus is on helping his peers in the US understand a new way of managing their business operations using cloud software.

Speaking to fellow trade service business owners in the US, he’s heard many varied experiences.

One company Paul recently visited remain in a world of spreadsheets, despite being a larger organisation with revenue in excess of $8 million! Access to the internet is denied to staff so they don't waste time, instead relying solely on an ageing intranet and on-site server. So encouraging change in businesses like this takes time and education.

It’s easy to take the cloud for granted, but for many it’s still a foreign idea and its many benefits are yet to be realised.

Luckily for people running on simPRO, you’re already ahead of the game.

Paul’s advice: take advantage of the new features

If you’ve been using simPRO for a while now, Paul recommends considering a day’s training.

“There’s been loads of improvements made to the software in the past few years that can really accelerate your productivity. If you don't invest in educating yourself and your team, you might be missing great productivity or customer services gains available to you in simPRO right now." Paul Christie

Announcements for instance is a popular item that is often not being fully utilised.