Our next update, rolling out on 2 September, 2018, adds some exciting new elements to the Form Builder tool for our simPRO Enterprise users, and makes some general improvements and bug fixes to simPRO products.

We regularly review suggestions in the simPRO Ideas Portal and use them, and other comments, to identify areas for improvement in simPRO Service and Enterprise. If you’ve got a suggestion, make sure to head there to let us know!

So, what’s new this fortnight?

  • Form Builder for Service Quotes (Enterprise Only)
  • Bug fixes and better functionality
  • Form Builder Tax Loops (Enterprise Only)

Form Builder for Service Quotes (Enterprise Only)

simPRO Enterprise users can now create and edit service quote templates, giving you better control over how your forms look when sending service quotes to clients.

With this improved functionality, you can now elect which forms are for project quotes, and which are for service quotes. We’ve provided you with some basic forms for each to start with, or you can create your own!

Bug fixes and better functionality for Service and Enterprise

Some of the bug fixes we completed this fortnight included:

  • Putting a stop to the disappearing act that Cost Centre Names were performing in the summary section of quote forms. Now they’re back where they belong!
  • Fixing the MYOB AccountRight Live account link. Previously, it wasn’t telling you when your credentials were incorrect. Now you’ll know exactly what’s going on when you can’t log in.

For more information on other bug fixes, make sure you head over to see the release notes, and click on the 18.3.5 release!

Form Builder Tax Loops (Enterprise Only)

We guess you could say that we’ve had a real field day with our fields available in the Form Builder!

We’ve added a few more now that will allow you to include a tax breakdown for the whole quote, certain sections and each cost centre.

For more information on the latest release, watch the video below or head over to our release notes!