Dalton Electrical turns 50 and boy do they have some stories to tell!

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Dalton Electrical is a company steeped in history – in fact, they’ve just recently celebrated a massive 50 years in business. At their recent celebration, Managing Director Bruce Dalton, along with his father Dave, shared fond memories of the Dalton Electrical history.

Steeped in history

It was Bruce’s father Dave who started the business all those years ago. For posterity, on the evening of the 50th birthday celebration, Bruce had the original invoice book from 1966 on display. A stool made for Dave had been recently restored for the occasion and also presented to him on the night.

One of the company’s very first clients was present on the night of the celebrations: Steel and Tube. 50 years on, Dalton Electrical are still their preferred supplier.

L: Dave Dalton, Founder. R: Ray Closey, first apprentice.
L: Dave Dalton, Founder. R: Ray Closey, first apprentice.

The Dalton culture

There’s a certain ethic that’s obvious and prominent in the team at Dalton. It’s one of pride for their work and pride for their team, both in equal measure.

In the early years, Dave coached local sports teams. He insisted in no uncertain terms that no one in the team was to be put down, and that culture remains in the business today.

This Dalton culture of investing in their team has enabled them to continue winning award after award.

One of many stories

A milestone for the company came in the form of winning an enormous contract to carry out work on an asphalt plant. It was great news for the business... but what wasn’t great news was the night Bruce got a phone call from his team leader on the project.

“Hi Bruce, you better get over here, the plant has just blown up.” “What do you mean by blown up?!” “Well, exactly that.”

Bruce recalls the scene.

“The plant had certainly blown up, there were bits of pipe weighing over a ton that had bounced off silos 8m high and squashed cars, debris everywhere, emergency vehicles, it looked like a war zone.”

The cause of the explosion was no fault of theirs and the delay in construction became ideal timing to complete the project.

Dalton Electrical are a great example of a company with many years of experience under their belt determined to move with the times to stay ahead of the game.

Congratulations on turning the big 5-0 guys, from the team at simPRO Software.

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