In this fluctuating global economy, a key interest for consumers is value for money. It is because of this common concern that businesses are now, more than ever, under pressure to deliver a service that not only meets customer expectations in quality, but also price range.

Customer satisfaction drives the field service industry; customers complaints can seriously impact your business’ bottom line. Small mistakes in scheduling, the service provided, invoicing or even the time taken to complete a job can be costly for business owners. Maintaining customer satisfaction in the 21st century is hard, but recent advances in job management technology are producing the first steps toward a solution: cloud-based software is becoming a popular tool for businesses to use to improve workflows and streamline communication – allowing staff more time to focus on customer satisfaction.

By simplifying processes, storing data for easy-access, and improving communication, those supplying the job management tech are aiming to make day-to-day operations much quicker and easier for blue-collar businesses, so that they have the time to pinpoint problems with their service or products that may lead to unhappy customers.

To give you an example of how job management solutions help to improve customer service, we’ve outlined below some common complaints and listed how job management tech can assist in solving them:

Excessive time spent waiting for assistance

The extensive time it takes to locate an technician, check availability, and calculate a possible ETA can lead to customer dissatisfaction and an inefficiency between jobs - both of which cost your business time and money.

Cloud-based software, like simPRO, allows managers to prioritise and schedule jobs because they are able to see real-time locations of staff, the duration of a job and their availability for the day.

This not only means owners can find the best technician to attend to a job in a timely and efficient manner, but they can keep customers happy by providing quick return contact regarding an estimated time of arrival.

Unresolved issue after initial attendance

It is not uncommon for an technician to arrive at a job, realise that an extra part or tool is needed and then have to leave the job site to return to the warehouse to retrieve the materials. While this is an unavoidable risk of field service work, it still means that your customer’s issue is unresolved, and your staff member has to return a second or even third time to complete assistance.

Completing a job request the first time is a great way to keep your customers happy, and easily achievable with cloud-based software.

Software like simPRO’s means your technians can access either an inventory or customer database in anyplace at any time, and better understand the history of an issue and reduce the need for follow-up appointments.

Using field service cloud technology, your staff are equipped to access any information they need whenever and wherever they are, meaning issues can be resolved more successfully and quickly for the customer.

Incorrect or unclear invoicing

In the field service industry in particular, business owners will often find that clients will want to know exactly how much the service is going to cost before they’re charged. Invoicing a client more than was quoted, or more than they expected guarantees unsatisfaction, especially when there is a lack of understanding of where the costs are going.

Cloud based job management solutions means your business can give customers a detailed and easily understandable quote or invoice. Technicians can generate itemised invoices and receipts on the spot and customers can pay immediately, meaning that you can create a positive customer experience from quote to invoice.