Text Request is a website perhaps most well known for their article ‘How Many Texts Do People Send Every Day’, at least, that’s according to their own stats in the report that say the page has been one of the best performing for the site.

Recently they updated their popular article with information that showed billions of text messages are sent each day around the world. This statistic indicates that SMS is quickly becoming the essential communication tool for businesses. Not only are they delivered instantaneously, there is also a high chance they will be read - 98% are read in fact, according to Matt over at txtsignal.com, within 2 minutes. We explore how SMS can be used to improve productivity and provide a superior service to customers.

Job updates

Easily let customers know that an engineer is on their way or inform them if there is a delay. SMS notifications can be set up to send automatically or you can create custom one-off messages.

When speed is of the essence

For urgent jobs you can inform your field-based staff there has been a job schedule change by text. It’s quick and to the point and delivered directly into their hand.

Get more business

Remind existing customers that they need to book a service or promote a new service or special offer. SMS is more personal and reliable. It will be delivered instantly to the mobile and is more likely to be read. Unlike emails, there’s no risk of the SMS getting “lost” due to spam filters. With simPRO SMS you can send up to 100 messages at any given time.

Get paid faster

As well as using SMS for service reminders, it can be used to prompt customers that their invoice is overdue or due for payment. It takes less time to send a text than it does to make a phone call and there is more chance of it being read than an email.

Better visibility

You can easily view all SMS messages sent from simPRO in the SMS Log. The log includes the Date, Sender, Receiver, No. SMS, Status and Message for each SMS sent.

simPRO SMS is quick and easy to set up with plans starting from just £6 per month. Make the call and find out more about simPRO SMS by visiting simpro.co.uk/features/sms or call 0800 622 6376 to get started.

Are you an existing simPRO customer? Ready to start using SMS in simPRO?

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