Business decisions based on accurate data

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In 1946, George Bunning opened a white goods store. To this day, the business is still in the family. GB Teat has a team of 32 staff and remains competitive thanks to accurate data and definitive processes.

Over the years, GB Teat have adapted to the market in order to build the business and satisfy clients: from selling white goods in the early days, to now offering a range of related products and services including domestic and commercial refrigeration, air conditioning, underfloor heating, heat pumps, solar hot water and more.

To hear more about their story, and the role simPRO has played in helping to keep things running,  we sat down with third generation family member and GB Teat’s Business Development Manager, Jonny Teat.

From paper to Netsuite to simPRO

The primary reason management wanted to take paper out of the equation was to remove room for error: paper can easily go missing, and having the details of a job so liable to loss didn’t sit well with the family management.

They then tried a software product called Netsuite but it just isn’t built for the trade service process.

Data spring clean

Through conversations with fellow air conditioning companies in the area, it was simPRO’s name that came up time and time again, all of which gave positive feedback for the product.

A comment that stood out to Jonny regarding simPRO was one that alluded to the importance of maintaining clean and accurate data when using the software, and serves as a valuable reminder for business owners in any field: “Rubbish in, rubbish out”.

Sure enough, since implementing simPRO, GB Teat has maintained a company-wide commitment to keeping data accurate - from front-end to back.

At a service level, the information that is agreed upon in the quote is carried straight through to the tech completing the job, leaving little to no room for error.

“It’s given the guys in the field the responsibility to take that job and close it off, ready for invoicing.” Jonny Teat, Business Development Manager

Higher up the ladder, management are now able to confidently make strategic business decisions, based on the evidence and data from reports generated by simPRO.

“It really allows us to get a good snapshot of how the business is going, right now.”

Training for the trades

simPRO Implementation Consultants are not just software trainers, they have a background in the industry and understand how trade businesses operate. simPRO’s implementation process is an opportunity to not only learn the software but also refine the existing business processes, and that’s exactly what simPRO’s Implementation Consultants did at GB Teat:

“The trainers understood exactly how a trade business operates and offered suggestions the business had never thought of.”

Doing a thorough business review can sometimes be left till another day, but now Jonny is able to generate reports at the click of a button and spend whatever time is required to analyse the data and make the necessary decisions based on real time, accurate information.