Building a better service for the future

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SFS FIRE implemented simPRO in 2016 to help them build a better business for the future and to provide their customers with a first class service.

Preparing to hand over the reins

As head of the Smyth family-owned business, Mike and his family are involved in the day-to-day running to enable a smooth transition when it comes time for handing over 100% control to his children.

A key factor for any business to change hands successfully is to embed processes before the change. This is often where the initiative to invest in software such as simPRO is brought about.

Customer service

We are firm believers in providing a 1st class service which is at the heart of SFS FIRE.

“Your Safety….because we care” our catchphrase, is fundamental to everything we believe we should do on our customers behalf.

Our mission statement is, “To be the most caring, honest and reliable fire safety company”

In the field

Since simPRO Connect was embedded in the field in 2016, SFS FIRE have seen a dramatic improvement in field efficiency.

“All the engineers have to do is wake up, open and sync the Connect app and away they go. If their jobs are done for the day it shows in simPRO that they’re available for emergency jobs.” Mike

Uncovering financial anomalies

In the days before simPRO was implemented Mike had trouble identifying anomalies in their business data. He could see that there were inconsistencies but couldn’t pinpoint exactly where.

The ‘aha’ moment came post-simPRO implementation. By running key financial reports, like job profit/loss, Mike could clearly see a breakdown of materials and labour and see where mistakes were being made.

“simPRO allows us to understand our business better than we ever could before, we can now see where the problems are and fix them.” Mike

Big savings have been made on stock. Eg; We found a significant amount of unaccounted for stock that had been allocated to a job and stored on site. The customer then decided to stop using the building, but our stock remained and was forgotten about. This would never happen in simPRO as the customers premises would have been created as a store. The location of the stock and the value would be easily visible in simPRO.

Mike and his team can easily view and compare prices from suppliers. Reminders have also been created to follow up on quotes which has boosted profitability significantly

Tanya, Mike’s daughter and Office Manager, can now accurately predict their sales pipeline, she likes that she can run detailed reports quickly and take these to the managers meetings too.

SFS FIRE not the only simPRO fans

We’ve often heard of customers being big fans of simPRO as well, and in this case, it’s no exception.

“The customers love that we can accurately track assets and that our maintenance schedules remind us when inspections are due – gone are the days when a maintenance is missed.” Tanya

SFS FIRE even find their sub-contractors asking about simPRO and its functionality and have recommended simPRO to associates and sub-contractors alike. With only a few hours of training they’re up and ready to use it.

“You never know if you’ve picked the right software, so after investigating similar software over a six month period we finally settled on simPRO. After a years application it certainly looks like we made the right decision.” Mike

Now with robust systems locked into place the future looks bright for Mike and his team who consider simPRO a ‘distinctly positive change’. The software has nestled SFS FIRE into a steady position to better control our future growth.