Technology continues to be the biggest innovation of our time, changing how we work and how we live. With developments in the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Machine Learning all having the potential to transform the construction and building services sector, it can seem impossible to stay on top of the latest trends.

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During this year’s UK Construction Week, taking place at the NEC Birmingham 9-11 October, there will be lots of opportunity to find out the latest innovations in the Building Tech Live theatre.

Hot topics being addressed at the show include smart cities and homes, cyber security, automation and communication. But how can these new technologies change the industry for the better? We, take a closer look at a couple of examples.

Virtual Reality (VR) is an entirely 3D computer-generated simulation that you can interact with, whereas Augmented Reality (AR) enhances a physical environment with video, audio, graphics and other technologies. An example of how VR would be used in the industry is to show a visual representation of a new construction project where AR would demonstrate what an existing building would look like after a refurbishment project. Both scenarios would give the customer, project teams and other key stakeholders a better understanding of a building project before it’s undertaken.

IoT (Internet of Things) is already a reality and being used by Swissport in some of the UK’s airports. simPRO’s IoT solution is being used to monitor lounge conditions and the performance of individual assets in near real time. This intuitive, digital brain allows them to identify and diagnose a variety of issues prior to complete failure without the need for time-consuming, chargeable site visits that are often constrained by airport security measures. It’s also being used to fight the UK’s fatberg - you can read more about that here. Using the latest IoT technology, the industry is able to move away from costly reactive and preventative maintenance and instead towards more efficient and cost effective predictive maintenance.

Although it’s still early days for most, this technology can demonstrate cost savings, improve the accuracy of project delivery, support teams with efficiencies across the board, and provide essential data insights previously only imaginable.

To stay up to date with the latest technological advancements like these, and see how they are being applied to the industry, join us at Building Tech Live in Birmingham 9-11 October 2018. Our stand (BT322) is located right next to the UKCW main stage and the IoT Arena. There’s also an opportunity to find out more about IoT from simPRO’s Craig Chantler on 11 October at 3.45pm in the Building Tech Live Theatre.