With profit margins getting tighter and a growing range of competitors across all industries it’s time that businesses dive into the detail and see where savings can be made.

For businesses with mobile field staff, a fleet management system can help. We take a look at the many cost and time saving features.

Vehicle maintenance

By installing the appropriate systems, business owners can create bookings with mechanics, and record service history (including costs) to ensure jobs are planned around vehicle maintenance, avoiding any clashes with pre-planned work and consequently costly admin time. Fleet management systems can also remind users about insurance renewals and registrations, as well as safety inspections or even recalibration of onboard equipment - it’s not all about the big stuff!

On the road

Real time fleet management systems allow efficiencies to be made with the precious time of your engineers. It’s easy to get valuable information from these systems including seeing where engineers are due to go, when they arrive/leave and even a real time playback of their journey. These kinds of reports also allow businesses to check discrepancies on timesheets and ensure that every minute on site is financially accounted for.

Clients for life

Giving clients accurate ETAs and verifying the time spent on site ensures complete transparency. Fleet management software ensures customers can rely on businesses to be open and honest time after time - this means more repeat business!

Health and Safety

Safety always comes first! By running regular speeding reports and setting up alerts for vehicles entering restricted areas, business owners always have an accurate picture of the way their workforce operate when out in the field.

By connecting fleet management software with job management software businesses can build an accurate picture of the way their fleet is utilised and where savings can be made. This valuable information can boost profits, build better customer relationships and improve efficiencies.

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