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BGE Digital secures more work by sending new job quotes faster

Natasha Maycock   18 April, 2019

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small or large quote, your ability to generate an accurate quote and get back to the client first is a major factor in securing work.

We spoke to BGE Digital about how simPRO has helped them go from earning £200,000 per year, to over £1,000,000 by focusing on getting quotes out quicker.

8 things to consider when choosing job management software for your business

Natasha Maycock   31 July, 2017

Tradespeople all over the world are reaping the benefits of cloud software that handles everything from creating quotes and scheduling jobs to generating invoices.

But how do you choose the right job management software that suits your trade business from a sea of providers?

To offer you some guidance, we’ve put together eight key considerations you should think about before making the investment.