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A comprehensive guide to Customer Relationship Management systems. Pt.1

Hari Iyer   18 May, 2017

There comes a time in every business journey when you can’t just sit around patiently waiting for business to knock on the door. Often you’ll need to be more proactive in order to bring more business through. When it’s time to go out and get more business, one of the greatest tools you can call upon is a well-functioning Customer Relationship Management system.

The simPRO customer journey

Hari Iyer   11 January, 2017

We’ve all heard about the simPRO journey, which is all about streamlining your business processes so you can get time for a life outside the business. To achieve the simPRO journey as a business owner, one of the first steps is to set up your business processes in a way that ensures consistent and quality customer service at every single interaction.