A day in the life of a Customer Success Adviser

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Author: Susan Coy

While simPRO’s focus has always been on the success of our clients, we’ve just recently reached a position where we can expand our teams to have members solely focussed on following and guiding our clients’ journeys with simPRO.

So, in my new role as Customer Success Adviser for the UK, it’s up to me to ensure that our clients can get the most out of simPRO and achieve their business objectives, whether they’ve just made the decision to implement the software into their business, or they’ve been using it for years.

I thought there’s no better way to explain what it is that I do in this role than to talk you through my typical day! So here goes...

As soon as I arrive in the office, I’ll sit down with a coffee (of course) and check my emails. As we’re a global business, I’ll get emails throughout the day and night from all over the globe! Most importantly, I'll make sure our new clients’ simPRO builds are all ready for them to start their implementation and training.

Next up, I’ll begin calling new clients. I'll talk to them about why they’ve chosen simPRO, any challenges they’re currently facing in their businesses, and what success looks like for them. We'll discuss their implementation and make a plan for their training.

My interaction with them doesn’t end there, though. I’ll then check in regularly to make sure they’re still on track to achieve their goals. If at any point they experience issues, I can arrange remote training through online sessions with one of our trainers or direct them to our Support team or their trainer.

My work isn’t just about our new clients. I'll regularly check in on all of our existing clients to see how they are getting on, too. Business is ever-changing, so the way they need to use simPRO can change too!

Existing clients may need me to add more simPRO user licences for them, or want to discuss other services we provide that could assist them. Our new Square Payments add-on, for example, is a popular choice for businesses looking to improve their cash flow.

I’m frequently heard saying, “I am not a salesperson!” I’m simply here to make sure that clients are happy with the software and service they’re getting.

I also like to take a look at any feedback we’ve received from our clients. If someone calls our Support team or undertakes any training, they’re sent an online feedback form. I like to personally make contact with everyone who completes one of our forms, which means I get to speak to many different users, i.e office staff and field engineers using simPRO.

This helps me to understand how they’re using the system and identify future training requirements.

So, in all honesty, there is no typical day for me, as I am often responding to the changing needs of our customers. But I really do enjoy following our clients’ journeys with simPRO, watching how the software truly transforms their businesses, and helping them achieve their business goals.