There are countless ways job management software can speed up the full end-to-end process for you, your workforce and your customers.

If you’ve wondered how you can make efficiencies across your entire business with technological advancements, here’s five ways to do so.

Speedy Quoting and Scheduling

At times scheduling can feel chaotic. However with a software solution for your business, quotes that used to take days or even weeks can now be turned around in no time at all, with just a few clicks.

With the use of an industry specific solution, your office team can allocate engineers to jobs in a matter of minutes, via a simple drag and drop system. By putting a timetable in front of your office staff they have the ability to easily cancel, add or alter scheduled jobs in seconds.

These jobs can then be sent directly to your field engineers mobile app getting them on the road and at the site as soon as possible, increasing their potential billable hours.

Job management software can remove the need for engineers to be in the office multiple times in a day or even at all.

Valuable time is also saved by removing the labour intensive job of manually inputting your engineers working hours. With the right software solution the time your engineers spend on site is tracked using a mobile app and your office staff can easily see how much time is spent completing a job.

Dynamic Stock and Plant Management

Endless hours are often wasted on ensuring your workforce have the right stock available to complete their work. Plus there’s nothing more time consuming than your engineers arriving to site only to find they’re without a much needed tool or machine. The right job management solutions can ensure that these costly mistakes are a thing of the past by ensuring it is available for use on the day the engineer is due to start. Plus if your supplier catalogues are imported it only will only take a few moments for your staff to order any materials that aren’t available before work begins.

Live Field Service Management

With job management software your workforce can access job details and customer information on their mobile devices through a mobile app. They can also send out SMS messages to customers and receive them from the office to make sure they never miss out on any key, real-time information.

Rapid Invoicing and Payment Processing

By digitising your invoicing, invoices can be issued as soon as a job is complete allowing your engineers to focus on performing their next task. Speeding up the invoicing process also means you get paid quicker and your customer is happier with the efficiency of the overall process.

Review your performance

Job management software will allow you to continually review the performance of your workforce and find out who’s the most efficient member of your team. This also allows you to identify the specific areas your engineers are more/less efficient and where you can make further productivity improvements.